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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Live Trip Report

It's time for another trip and another "live" trip report. This trip will be 4 nights, at 3 different hotels, starting with 2 nights in a Sky Suite at Mandalay Bay then over to a "Classic" room at Caesars Palace then wrapping it up with a night in the Paradise Tower at Hard Rock Hotel. Check back in over the next few days for frequent reviews and commentary. You can also "Follow Us on Twitter" for an even more real-time blow-by-blow of the trip.

10:00AM - On the road towards Vegas. Let's hope for minimal Mother's Day traffic through the Inland Empire and zero truck traffic up I-15.

4:00 PM - Pulled into the valet at Mandalay Bay at 2:45 and was up to the room in less than 15 minutes. On the 60th floor looking west towards Orleans. The room is very big but oddly, doesn't have a work desk. Not crazy about that...

7:00 PM - Went down and checked out the cabanas at the pool then played a little while in the casino. We got good drink service for once! Now it's off to the San Gennaro Festival at Rio for some good Italian eats.

9:30 PM - TRIED to go to the San Gennaro Fest but gave up after trying to park for 20 minutes. Epic failure on the parking situation at the Rio. Ended up having a quick dinner on the patio at Pink's Hot Dogs at Planet Hollywood.

12:00 AM - Back in the room after a little play in the casino. Not much luck but not a terrible run.

8:45 AM - Got an early start with some morning coffee and gambling then went and got a cabana. Prices are up 300% over last year. The same one we got last year for $275 is now $650. Its a complete joke when 75% of them will be empty all day. Ended up with a "gazebo" which is a smaller cabana.

2:00 PM - Back in the room for a little break from the sun. I was a bit disappointed originally at the location of the gazebo but its worked out well.

5:45 PM - Ended up totally enjoying the Gazebo and definitely the way to go over a cabana that was $400 more. The evening's entertainment... 2 seats on the glass for Game 1 of the ECHL Championship Series at the Orleans Arena. Go LV Wranglers!

11:00 PM - It was a great game! The Wranglers won it 2-1 and there was a nice brawl right in front of us at the end of the 2nd period. Definitely a better time than some Cirque Du Soleil show and cheaper!

8:30 AM - Started the day with another ass-whipping downstairs. Not even the illusion of giving me some play. Those are the worse kind of sessions.

12:00 PM - Checked out of Mandalay Bay, went over to Luxor for lunch at Nathan's before heading over to Caesars.

2:00 PM - Used "Text Check-In" at Caesars Palace and it couldn't have faster. I walked up to an empty bell desk, give my ID and was handed my keys. The only problem... I reserved a smoking room and was given a non-smoking one. Schlep the 1/4 mile back to the front desk for a new room in the same tower. I've already got my exercise for the day.

2:30 PM -I was supposed to be in an original room and I was put up in the newer Forum Tower. Its a decent room; a bit tired but I'm sure better than an original room. One cool thing, the TV in the bathroom is embedded in the mirror!

6:15 PM - Dropped the wife off at McCarran to head home and its time for the solo portion of the trip. Off to the Palms to put a few points on the cards to keep it active.

12:00 AM - I hate the Palms! There is something about that place that keeps my ass glued to my chair for hours no matter the results. I will say that I did receive the best drink service I EVER had there. They are notoriously bad and have been since Day 1 but it was great last night.

10:30 AM - Went down for coffee and to give Caesars some obligatory play for my comp. Nothing terrible but still without an up session for the trip.

12:00 PM - Took pictures of the Caesars Pool, which is much nicer than I remember it. Time to pack up the room and head out.

2:00 PM - Went downtown to the Gambler General Store for some poker cards then hit LVH Hotel for a property map. Saw something rather interesting... A wine vending machine! Afterwards, I swung by Capriotti's for a "Bobbie" which is turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on a sandwich roll. Pretty damn tasty!

2:30 PM - Checked into Hard Rock Hotel. I am in a "Corner Room" on the 14th floor of the Paradise Tower which has possibly the best view I ever had in a room in Vegas. With windows on 2 sides, I have an 180 degree view of the entire Strip, downtown and out to Boulder Station. Very nice.

6:00 PM - Did a little bit of work and caught an hour of sleep. Ready to head downstairs.

8:15 PM - Back in the room trying to decide where to use my $25 dining credit. Woo Hoo!

11:30 PM - Ended up eating at Mr. Lucky's 24/7, HRH's coffee shop. Decent BBQ burger, nothing to wrote home about and certainly not in the same league as Burger Bar. Decided to play my first 5 play video poker of the trip and ended up with my first winning session of the trip. Dealt quads twice and a couple other good hits helped!

12:30 AM - Heading over to Bally's to meet up with Mark and his wife from 360Vegas who just got into town.

5:00 AM - Had a fucking blast hanging out with Mark! 4 good hours of good Vegas bullshit, bartop VP and more Coronas than I remember!

8:00 AM - Wide awake with a NASTY headache. 2 Excedrins later, it now a headache AND nausea.

10:30 AM - Managed to get back to sleep for an hour and the Excedrin finally did its job. Thank god for late check-out!

11:30 AM - Packing up and heading out. Trip number 90 comes to an end and the planning for #91 starts during the drive home. My name is Rob and I am a Vegas degenerate!

4:15 PM - Despite not getting on I-15 until almost 12:30, I was still able to make the trip in less than 4 hours. Another awesome trip is in the bag with plenty of new material to be posted over the next few weeks! Thanks for following along with the "Live" trip report!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cabana at Mandalay Beach!

With having to do a lot of work travel lately, I was seriously in need for a long overdue trip to Vegas. This one was 4 nights; 2 at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, 1 at Boulder Station and the last at Treasure Island. I choose THEhotel because I usually have some sort of offer, the rooms are nice and what better place for some pool time? Boulder Station was on the list because it's been almost 10 years since I last stayed there and the rooms have finally been remodeled. It's been even longer since my last stay at TI, going all the way back to 1995!

The highlight definitely was getting a cabana at Mandalay Bay. We aren't usually cabana people but we decided to splurge on this trip and there is no better pool in Vegas. Having a "home" made staying out there all day easy, it was great to be able to retreat to the shade for refuge from the Vegas sun. It had all the amenities you would expect from a nice cabana including the stocked fridge, TV, safe and comfy furniture. The service was also incredible with a dedicated waitress plus a host that would handle anything else you need from inside the hotel from getting Starbucks to placing bets at the Sports Book! This is where they earn the prices they are charging for these things. Sadly, we are low-maintenance people and didn't even use our host all day. It was a definitely nice experience and felt great to be the "beach king" for the day but it was expensive especially when it was just the two of us. The best way to do the cabana thing is if you are with a group of people. You get all the benefits of the cabana while splitting the cost between 5 or 6 people making it a much more cost-effective way to go.

Mandalay Bay Cabana

Reviews with room and pool pics for Boulder Station and TI along with a new batch property maps will be posted in the coming days and weeks. I am also feverishly working on a new version of the site that will be rolled out soon with a new look and features. It will be a busy couple of weeks at!

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