Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily Vegas News Round-up - May 11

Gordon Ramsey finally hits Vegas
Celebrity Chef and First Class Asshole, Gordon Ramsey has finally made it to Las Vegas, joining every other celebrity chef. His steakhouse which opens today at Paris Las Vegas, of course named "Gordon Ramsey Steak." I'm sure it will be a success as people will surely line up to overpay just to say they ate at his restaurant and all the power to him!
Yet another loss at Cosmo
Another quarter and another, albeit smaller loss for Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. They reported at $26M loss compared to $56M last year in the first quarter and further proof that "Party Vegas" is as successful as "Family Vegas" was in the mid-90s. Cosmo is the coolest joint in town, packed with hipsters virtually every night of the week. Only problem? Those people are attending nightclubs, err Ultra Lounges, that are owned by 3rd parties and most of those people don't even know there is a casino on the first floor. It's only a matter of time before the casinos figure that despite a ton of press, these places add zero to the bottom line and may even drive away real customers that want to play in the casino. To make matters even worse, the geniuses running the place have cut back on comps to the few people who actually had been playing there. I love Cosmo but the current business plan is a failure.
Brown haze gone
The brown haze that blocked out visibility and lead to health warnings yesterday has cleared and its back to sunny Vegas skies!

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