Friday, February 24, 2012

Bellagio Remodeled Room Review and Pictures

For the first night of my trip, it was off to Bellagio and a stay in their newly renovated rooms in the original tower. I arrived at about 5PM on Thursday and there was a bit of a wait at the front desk and it took about a half hour before making the schlep from the lobby to the guest elevators and up to my room on the 22nd floor.

The room itself is a decent size and filled with an appropriate amount of furniture. In addition to the king bed were 2 nightstands and a bench at the foot of the bed, 2 large sitting chairs with side table, work desk and chair and the now ubiquitous combo TV hutch/chest/armiore. The bathroom, continuing a recent Vegas trend, was not included in the remodeling effort. While still quite nice, in good shape and spacious with seperate shower and large soaking tub, it's unchanged from before. The room comes with all the little touches your'd expect like robes and slipper, the bathroom goodies plus the utterly ridiculous, turn-down service.

With the remodel of the original rooms, I was expecting yet another designed with dark browns and reds, aka the "Red Rock" look, that has dominated Vegas rooms over the past 6 or 7 year but was surprised to see the rather bold use of purple in the room. It a pretty big departure from the stuffy feel of the old room design. While not particularly crazy about purple, kudos for doing something different. The mural on the wall behind the bed is also bit out of the box from most of the recent new rooms. All in all, the only real complaint about the remodeled part of the room was the fact that you can't see the TV while working at the desk. I do think that not touching the bathroom then touting a remodel is weak and a terrible trend that I have seen a lot of lately.

Downstairs, Bellagio is still Bellagio; high-end through and through and one of the reasons why I don't find myself staying there very often. If you want 5-star dining, you have come to the right place. If you want quick, confort food... there is a monorail to Monte Carlo! I will give credit to the casino where there is a good selection of affordable penny slots which actually did well for me during my few hours of play. The drink service, however, almost reached a Palms-like level of ineptitude, which is disappointing for a joint like Bellagio.

Overall, the experience at Bellagio was a mixed bag. The remodel, while certainly nice enough, is disappointing when it's only half done. The desk chair was one of the more comfortable I have ever had in a hotel but I couldn't see the TV while using it. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of low-max bet slots in the casino but then had abysmal drink service while playing them. Of course, some of this is overly-critical. If you are a once a year Vegas visitor who wants to splurge on a nice room and gourmet dining, chances are that you will be thrilled with your stay at Bellagio. However, when you fighting to be the Top-Dog in town against the Venetian and Wynn, those little misses matter.

Bellagio Remodeled Room Pictures

Bellagio Remodeled Room Picture

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The "Almost Live" Trip Report


3:30 PM - The drive home was made in record time, 3 hours 15 minutes! It paid off to be the only male LEAVING Las Vegas today!

12:15 PM - Made the obligatory stop at South Point's Del Mar Deli which is an awesome little gem. I could easily eat there everyday. Time for the drive back to So Cal.

11:30 AM - Checked out of Harrah's then gas up and hit South Point for a quick bite to eat before leaving town.

9:00 AM - Started the day with a quick to Starbucks, a little video Keno and a shot at Megabucks.

2:00 AM - Had to go back downstairs for one last spin. It wasn't a terrible run but all in all a pretty crappy weekend of gambling...

12:15 AM - Back in the suite at Harrah's after getting a little beat up at the Venetian.


10:00 PM - After a few Corona's at the casino bar in TI, it's over to the Venetian for a little gambling.

8:30 PM - Dinner at Cantor's Deli at the TI. An expensive sandwich but pretty decent.

5:45 PM - Got a quick power nap and another cup of coffee and now ready to start the night with a trip over to the Mirage.

3:30 PM - I'm checked into Harrah's and was met with a pleasant surprise, a free upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite! Maybe they want a better review than I gave for recent stays at their sister properties, Flamingo and Rio! It been fairly recently remodeled and helps cushion the blow from leaving Bellagio!

12:30 PM - Over to The Cosmopolitan for lunch at the not-so-secret pizza joint. Its still is a pretty good slice for being 2,800 miles from New York.

12:00 PM - Checked out of Bellagio and was quite happy with the stay. Hopefully, the room at Harrah's isn't too much of a down-grade.

9:00 AM - Rolled out of the rack and got a much needed $4.27 cup of coffee at Cafe Gelato at Bellagio. Quick room comment... The "B" has the world's finest blackout shades! Not a single ray of light at all.

2:30 AM - Playing at Bellagio for over 2 hours and walked away even! Only saw the waitress once in that entire time. What is this? The Palms???


11:30 PM - Back at Bellagio after another bad run at those damn penny machines!!!

10:00 PM - Lost my shorts on penny slots and had breakfast for dinner at the Cafe at MC.

8:30 PM - Kronenbourgs at The Pub at Monte Carlo. Good beer served by a good bartender.

7:00 PM - Arrived at Bellagio at 6PM after a beautiful drive up the 15. Check-in was fast and friendly and I am now in my room on the 19th floor overlooking the pool. First impression... nicely done!

I am trying something new on this trip, the first ever Almost Live Trip Report! I will be even more "real=time" on Twitter so if you are a Vegas Trip Report Junkie then give me a follow!

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