Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Room Pics!!

We are here, checked in and VERY impressed by everything we have seen so far. The place is just stunning! From the ever changing pillars in the lobby to the 3 story crystal chandelier, everything is absolutely gorgeous.

The room is as nice as everything else we have seen. We are on th 68th floor of the "Eastside" Tower (closest to the strip) and have an incredible view of City Center and everything south. The room is filled with all of the whiz-bang technology found in ARIA and I will do a full review shortly but the one cool feature of the room is a large cutaway in the wall between the living area and bathroom. Pretty interesting... I will also get full public areas pics posted later this evening. For now, enjoy pics of a Cosmopolitan Terrace Suite.

Cosmopolitan Room Pictures

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Golden Nugget Review with Room and Pool Pictures

After getting a late check out from the Flamingo, we moved downtown for a night at the Golden Nugget. We were booked in Carson Tower room and used the "best rate guarantee" that I posted about a few weeks ago to get the room for $36 after they matched and took off 10% extra. We arrived at the back valet for the new Rush Tower and asked at the empty front desk if they could check us into the Carson Tower. She did and we were on our way in just minutes. Avoiding the main valet and front desk is definitely the way to go at the Golden Nugget.

We were in a double on the 12th floor overlooking the Plaza and immediately upon walking into the room, everything just felt much nicer than what we had the night before. In addition to the beds were 2 comfy chairs and a table, a large flat screen TV and a make up desk with mirror. While the decor wouldn't be something I would put in my house, it was all clean and in good condition with no stains or damage anywhere. The beds also were quite comfortable and gave a great night's sleep. One downside is that the bath room was on the small side having only a single sink and a combo tub/shower.

The Nugget is far and away the biggest and nicest place downtown so it is usually busy but while we were there it seemed even more so. The tables were full despite mostly $10 minimums and more than once a machine I wanted was in use. Nevertheless, drink service was good during the few hours I played in the casino. The one meal we ate in-house was at the Sports Book Snack Bar. We both enjoyed our sandwiches although they were slightly pricey but Mom's $3.99 shrimp cocktail was disappointing, consisting of about 5 small shrimp with a little sauce in a cup filled with lettuce. I also hit the 24 hour Starbucks which I always do when downtown because of the patio on Fremont Street, its one of the best people watching spots in all of Vegas no matter the time of day!

Without a doubt, we greatly enjoyed our stay at the Golden Nugget much better than the Flamingo. With the remains of Steve Wynn's touch still all around, you can tell it's a step above your average Strip grind joint. There was just a greater attention to detail and lot of little touches that you'll find at the more expensive hotels like the better amenities in the bathroom, slippers and robes in the closet and nicer linens. For the price, there are few places in town that can compare. Kudos to the Landry's people for keeping the place up all these years. Staying downtown is a nice change of pace from the Strip but staying at the Golden Nugget still gives you that feel of being at a top notch place uptown. There really is no reason to stay anywhere else when on Fremont Street.

Room Pictures
Pool Pictures

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